Welcome to our camp!

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Above all, we provide opportunities for all to experience unanticipated moments of magic by making a space for positive connections, both interpersonal and intrapersonal. For campers and visitors alike, we create an environment for creation, discovery, and/or positive transformation of relationships with others. We also strive to help everyone we come in contact with to more easily access and appreciate their own best selves through playful interactions, stimulating conversations, and generosity of spirit.

We are a community that has deep roots in Black Rock City. All but a small handful of our relationships began outside of Burning Man, and even those relationships have been significantly deepened through shared experiences on the playa over many years. We take pride in the diversity within our group (geographic, generational, professional, economic, and artistic).

Many of us have been active volunteers within Black Rock City, working with Ice-9, PO9, Black Rock Rangers, Temple Guardians, and Center Camp Spoken Word Stage. We have hosted neighborhood chili feeds, hamburger barbecues, and cocktail parties. We have created interactive art projects to help burners to develop personal rituals and shed emotional baggage.

For the past several years, we have been part of well-established larger camps, including Black Rock City International Post Office, the Blue Light District, and Camp Above the Limit. We are excited to finally branch out on our own to create a theme camp in services of the broader community.

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