Breaking In My Very Own Virgin

I am all set to fly to Reno on Wednesday morning and then catch a BioBus from the airport to Black Rock City.  This plan fits in with my class schedule (I have to teach on Tuesday afternoon), gives me time with my family on Tuesday night, and gets me to the playa before dark on Wednesday in time for my camp’s big Wednesday night/Thursday morning party.


On Monday morning, I receive an email from some guy named Adam who has just seen my old post on the BM Rideshare (I had been looking for a ride on Tuesday night). Adam wants to know if I am still interested in a ride.  After a call to Southwest Airlines, who cheerfully refunds my plane ticket, I am suddenly good to go with Adam – we eventually decide to leave Oakland at 5:00 am on Wednesday morning to beat traffic out of town and through Sacramento.


Adam is a Virgin.


There is a certain symmetry to this.  Last year, I had gotten a ride with Sam who was on his second trip to BM.  Sam and I had hit it off, and he had shared many tips and stories with me en route to the playa.  Now I have a chance to return the favor.  Beautiful.


The details are ommitted here, saved instead for an oral presentation.  For now, we simply note that:


  • I keep Adam awake for 25+ hours, starting from the time he woke up to come pick me up and ending after he walked all the way across the playa from the party at my camp on the 9:00 plaza to his tent in his camp at 3:00 and B.
  • I introduce Adam to a couple of lovely ladies in his own age group (he was 22) who had been instructed by their parents to seek me out for adult supervision [I kid you not]. Seems like the least I could do.
  • We climb the Man together at 2:00 am.  I also teach him a few dozen other things along the way.


At 5:00 am on Thursday morning, Adam finally goes to bed.  I however do not.  Though I don’t know it yet, there are still 20 or so hours left in my first full day on the playa.  It is still early.


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